Toolbox Tricks

Keep your tools organized and in top shape with these easy toolbox tricks. In a pinch and don't think you have the tool you need? We've got a few DIY solutions for that too.

Get Organized: Keep your fasteners, nails, and bolts in mason jars with lids attached to the underside of your tool shelf.

Avoid Rust: Keep a few pieces of sidewalk chalk in your toolbox. It will absorb moisture and keep your tools from rusting.

Impromptu Measuring Tape: If you're ever in a pinch and don't have a measuring tape, remember a dollar bill is exactly six inches long. So, grab a bill from your wallet and use it as a starting point to measure.

Sharpen Up: Cutting sandpaper is a great way to sharpen scissors.

Easy Clean-Up: Hot glue a small magnet to the bottom of your hammer. It makes picking up nails a lot easier.

DIY Rubber Mallet: A rubber mallet is a useful tool for putting together flat pack furniture. If you don't have one, simply slip a rubber foot from the end of a chair onto a regular hammer.


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