Three Great Uses for Freezer Bags

There are hundreads of ways to use freezer bags, but we wanted to share three of our favourite clever uses to make life a little easier.

Three Great Uses for Freezer Bags

1. Conserve space in your freezer

  • Put meat, sauce, soup, and any other food you need to freeze into a bag and lay flat in the freezer
  • Stack the bags on top of each other to save a ton of space!

2. For portable pancake batter

  • Prepare pancake batter.
  • Pour into freezer bag and freeze in the shape of an icing bag.
  • Let thaw, snip off tip and make pancakes!
  • This is great to pack for camping trips too.

3. To roll nuts or crackers

  • Place peanuts into freezer bag.
  • With rolling pin, roll nuts or crackers, for baking, pie crusts or breading.
  • No mess! The sealed freezer bag prevents crumbs from going everywhere.


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