Great Gadgets for Winter


Long, cold winters call for fun yet useful gadgets. Chris Shulgan scoped out the coolest gadgets out there that promise to ease your shovelling, make your skiing more fun and even help you text with your gloves on!


The latest gadget that's all the rage, the blizzerator is a three-in-one ice scraper, snow brush and squeegee! Now you can brush the snow off tall vehicles with ease. The four position rotating brush head makes sure it cleans the vehicle without getting you soaking wet. 

:::The Blizzerator:::


Great for walkers, joggers and seniors. The Icer's insulate feet from the ground keeping them warm and dry, while giving you extraordinary grip. The soles easily slip over regular footwear (shoes or boots) and secure with Velcro fasteners.


Snow Joe Electric Snow Shovel

Those brutally cold mornings aren't fun if you have to get out there and shovel. Try this electric shovel that cuts snow up to 12" wide and 4" deep from your steps, patio or sidewalk. 

:::Snow Joe Electric Snow Shovel:::

Smartwool Liner Gloves

Wanna text but too cold to take your gloves off? This pair has pads on the thumb and forefinger that are touchscreen compatible for phones and small screens. So text or call without freezing those fingers! 

:::Smartwool Liner Gloves:::

Joby Gorillapod Focus

Built for anyone who wants a great shot, it will do pretty much anything that your standard tripod will do – and then some. Its bendy, jointed design will let you securely mount it to unusual surfaces like trees or icy poles to get a truly amazing angle for your picture.

:::Joby Gorillapod Focus:::

Tuneups Cassette by Skullcandy

A hassle-free way to stay connected when you're on the mountain. The super thin speakers disappear into the helmet ear-pads or clip into the included on-ear headband for a totally seamless look. The kit includes a smart phone cable with inline volume and mic that is compatible with the iPhone and Blackberry.

:::Tuneups Cassette by Skullcandy:::

Giro Edit Go-Pro Helmet

How cool would it be if you could mount a camera on your helmet while you ski to capture those amazing moments? Well, now you can! The new Giro Go-Pro helmet not only lets you attach the go-pro but also comes equipped with vents to adjust temperature and size. 

:::Giro Edit Go-Pro Helmet:::

ThermaCell Heated Insoles

Exactly what they're called, these heated insoles maintain a steady temperature inside your shoes or boots, keeping your feet around normal body temperature. The insoles are remote controlled with each charge lasting five hours.

:::ThermaCell Heated Insoles:::

Netatmo Weather Station

Got a friend or a family member obsessed with the weather? Here's the perfect gadget for that. The Netatmo weather station is the first to measure air quality. It also measures temperature, CO2 concentration, noise pollution, humidity in the home and also tells you when to ventilate. 

:::Netatmo Weather Station:::

Zippo Hand Warmer

Slip it into your pocket or glove to keep your hands warm for up to 12 hours. It produces radiant heat without flame, smoke, or odour.

:::Zippo Hand Warmer:::


This fun, elasticized beanie is made for a snug fit. Beardos are ideal for use while skiing, snowboarding, fishing or simply supporting your favorite team! 

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