Frugalista Medicine Cabinet


Give your medicine cabinet a frugal makeover with the help of our frugalista Amrita Singh! Here she shows us three low-cost remedies we can all make at home.

1. Chub Rub

Frugalista Medicine Cabinet: Chub Rub

Chub rub is when one chubby bit rubs against another chubby bit resulting in chafing. Thankfully there is a homemade frugalista remedy for that!


¼ cup Coconut Oil
2 T Cornstarch


1. Mix the two ingredients together in a bowl until you have an ointment consistency.
2. Store mixture in a small container and keep in a dark and dry medicine cabinet.

Cost to Make 25 cents

2. Make Your Own Gummy Vitamins

Make Your Own Gummy Vitamins

Instead of buying gummy vitamins from the store you can make your own! This recipe is easy and the end product tastes really good. Don’t expect jujubes here…just a nice tasting “jelly candy” that happens to be packed with good stuff. Adapted from:


8 teaspoons gelatin (grass fed source – good quality)
¼ cup concentrated fruit juice
¼ cup boiling water
1 T honey
Chewable vitamin C tablets crushed to powder (up to 10)
Silicone mold or candy mold


1. In a medium glass bowl combine the gelatin, water, juice and honey.

2. Whisk gently until gelatin has dissolved.

3. Let cool slightly, then add vitamin powder.

4 Pour into candy mold and let set in fridge.

5 Store vitamins in a sealed jar at room temperature or inside fridge.

* You will need to experiment with juice to water ratio depending on the type of concentrated juice you use. 

Makes approx. 15 gummies

Cost to Make: $1 (Only frugal if you have most of the ingredients on hand.)

3. Bike Bottle Neti Pot

Bike Bottle Neti Pot

Anyone who’s experienced a sinus infection or allergies has probably heard about the Neti pot. It’s a little pot that looks like a magic lamp.  It lets you pour a saline solution into your nostril to clear the nasal cavity. These are often quite expensive but thankfully making your own nasal irrigation system is easy and cheap!


8 oz body-temperature water
¼ tsp sea salt (must be non-iodized)
¼ tsp baking soda (optional)

*Find a squeeze bottle with a tip that fits into your nostril snuggly. Some examples are bike water bottles, contact solution bottles, clean dish soap bottles.


1. Mix all three ingredients to make your own saline solution. Stir until salt and baking soda are dissolved.

2. Pour the saline solution into your bottle

3. Over your sink, tilt your head to one side, insert the squeeze top of bottle into opposite nostril, gently squeeze saline solution through nasal cavity.

4. Be sure to breathe through your mouth. Sensation will feel similar to swimming in the ocean and getting water up your nose!

5. Repeat on other side.

Cost to Make: 10 cents

Frugalista Amrita Singh with Steven and Chris


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