Frugalista-Approved Ways to Use Citrus Zest


Don't throw away those peels after juicing or baking citrus. Our Frugalista Amrita shares her favourite ways to rescue citrus zest!


1. Zest in baking soda for your couch and mattress

Your mattress and couch absorb a lot of moisture, sweat and odour. To give it a quick refresher, add lemon or orange zest to a shaker of baking soda. Dust your mattress or fabric couches; let it sit for an hour than vacuum it out.

2. Zest inside potted plants to keep pets away

If you have pesky pets, then you most likely have lost your favourite plants from them eating it. To prevent that, rub the lemon or orange peels on the plants. Pets hate the smell and taste of citrus so they’ll leave your plants alone!

3. Zest inside ice cube tray to pretty up your drinks

To add some flavour and amp up the look of your drinks, zest citrus in your ice cubes.

  1. Fill your trays with HOT water. Using hot water will make your cubes appear clear.
  2. Add zest into the tray and wrap with tea towels to give added insulation. Freeze and enjoy in your next cocktail!


Video: Frugalista-Approved Ways to Use Citrus Zest

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