Tosca Reno’s Story

Tosca Reno is a New York Times bestselling author whose "Eat Clean Diet" series of books have sold more than one million copies. Now at the age of 53, Tosca is competing in fitness competitions over North America. But at the age of 39, Tosca was overweight, in an unhappy marriage and felt lost.

Tosca's three tips for continued health success:

1. The most important thing is to eliminate ALL SUGAR from your diet. It's toxic, as addictive as cocaine and can cause a variety of health issues.

2.Drink lots of water! It flushes out toxins, speeds up metabolism, helps the body assimilate vitamins and minerals.

3.Eat like a baby! A baby eats often and wholesome food. That is how you should be eating. Schedule and set a reminder to eat at : 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm ever day. Remember to fuel your body with lean protein and complex carbs, not high-fat, starchy, sugary, empty-calorie foods.

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