Silly Sporting Goods

We explore the sillier side of sporting goods.

Silly sporting goods.

1. Brompton Bicycle

This collapsible, portable cruiser was conceived in the Brompton district of London, where a bike is stolen every 71 seconds! Not only does the Brompton fold right up, it also weighs less than 30 pounds! Curbside Cycle, $1,800

2. Kangoo Jumps

Great for low-impact running, these bouncing booties are so fun you'll forget you're even exercising! Kangoo Jumps, from $289

3. Djubi

Part lacrosse, part slingshot, it's the ultimate game of catch! In fact, the ball can travel as far as 100 feet with just a flick of your wrist. Mastermind Toys, $30

Special thanks to Harmony Fitness for lending Steven and Chris Kangoo Jumps for the show!


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