Bryce Wylde: Natural Health Questions Answered

Alternative health expert Bryce Wylde, took time to answer some Facebook questions that came in from our friends.

Q: What are some natural ways to battle menopause issues like pelvic pain and hot flashes?

A: First test hormones. Then based on findings address with laser precision. Typically lowered estrogen and progesterone are discovered. I like Vitex, isoflavones (red clover), and in some cases use of bio-identical hormones topically is indicated. But, if you don't know, sage is brilliant. I like the A.Vogel brand for this.

Q: I have dry scalp and would love advice on how to treat the problem naturally.

A: Supplement with omega-3 and infuse tea tree oil into your chemical-free shampoo.

Q: I'm so tired! Can you help by prescribing an all-natural sleep supplement?

A: First test melatonin levels, but pumpkin seed powder is irrefutable. I love a product called "ZenBev," developed and formulated by a Canadian psychiatrist Dr. Craig Hudson.

Q: Can you tell me if there is a natural way to battle weight loss?

A: Two that are approved by the federal government are egcg (from green tea) and CLA. They work best in combination. I also like L-Carnitine. However, one reason we chronically pack pounds as a nation is stress. Test cortisol! If high, you need an herbal 'adaptagen'. My favourites in this case are 'rhodiola' and 'relora'. Pounds melt off if stress is the problem as rhodiola brings it right down.


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