Comment to Win: Great Gadgets Sleep Edition

Share your favourite sleep tip with us in the comments and you could WIN! We are giving away a Verilux Rise & Shine Natural Wake Up Light and a Chillow Plus.

Chris is a notorious insomniac who averages about 4 hours of sleep per night. We are on a quest to help Chris get some proper shut-eye so we've had him test a few sleep gadgets.



The Verilux Rise & Shine Natural Wake-Up Light claims to align the body's circadian rhythms that regulate normal sleeping and waking patterns using light.

Available at

SLEEP UP - $2.99

This smartphone app claims to provide five times the depth of sleep. It uses sound waves to relax you and then puts you into a deep sleep. The app also provides a tool to track your quality of sleep. The manufacturers claim to have been tried by 300,000 people and to have a 95% success rate.



The Chillow was designed to keep your head cool at night by absorbing your excess body heat. The cool sensation usually lasts between 2 and 4 hours. The item is also great for headaches, migraines, fevers, sunburns and backaches.

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Our Facebook friends submitted their tips for getting some better Zs.  Here are some of our favourites...

Jenni Stevens says: A hot bath right before bed always does the trick. If you get the temperature just right, it will put you right to sleep...but hopefully not in the tub!

Tina Monz says: You want to write down all the things on your mind that you need to take care of.  Then DON'T STIMULATE your brain again by thinking about how to get it all done until the next morning.

Lisa McBride Roberts says: I have an app for my iPhone called Relax Melodies and it relaxes me and puts me to sleep without fail, every night. You can set your own combination of sounds, white noise, etc., and play them for a set amount of time. I've never heard the end of the time I've set, because I've always fallen asleep.

Andrea Duncan Rudan says: I tried to end each day going over all that i am thankful for in life. I lie in bed and think of every tiny thing, from the stranger holding the door open for me to each person in my family. Sort of like a prayer. I never make it to the amen, but I doze off with happy thoughts.

Judy Bennett says: Sex. My husband is asleep within 10 minutes.

And this one is from our very own nutritionist, Peggy...

Tart Cherries! (Yep - the same ones found in cherry pie...but don't eat them that way). They contain the highest dietary source of melatonin - the antioxidant/neurotransmitter that makes us sleeeeepyyyyy.

Share your favourite sleep tip with us and you could WIN!


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