How Wearing The Wrong Bra Can Be Bad for Your Health

Dr. Melissa Lem stopped by to teach us how an ill-fitting bra could be affecting your health

Why Cheap Mani-Pedis Aren’t Worth The Savings

If a worker is being exploited, nail salons are also cutting corners on health and safety standards that affect the consumer.

Great Sex After 50

Ladies and gentlemen, fear not! It's possible to have great sex after 50.

Junk Food Kills Bacteria That Regulate Your Weight, Fight Disease: STUDY

Study finds junk doesn't just make you fat. It actually kills the stuff that helps keep you thin and healthy!

Map Your Menstrual Cycle Day-by-Day

Which day are you most relaxed? Most flirty? A bit grouchy? There's more to your menstrual cycle than just your period.

How to Eat Healthy for Less

Who doesn't want to be healthier? The problem is that a better diet always seems to come with a bigger price tag.

Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

Kick off mom's special day with some marvelous brunch ideas that she'll love.

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