Simplify Your Supermarket Visit

Get in and out of the grocery store quicker and more efficiently with these handy tips recommended by Chef Joshna.

Simplify Your Supermarket Visit

1. Be Efficient.

Joshna suggests you shop around the perimeter of the store first, where you can pick up your produced, baked goods, and meat. Then, make specific trips to the inner aisles to pick up the remaining items you need.

2. Make an organized list

Speaking of the items you need, why not get organized with a list broken down by category. Know what produce, meat/fish, bakery, dairy, and pantry items you need before going in. We've even created this handy list template you can download and print off to get you organized.

3. Plan your meals

Start your grocery list based on a recipe you plan to make that week. This ensures you can cook at least one meal at home, and that you've got everything you need to do it!


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