‘Reasons Mommy Drinks’ Cocktails


Being a new mom isn't easy! But two authors have tried to make it fun for you with the book Reasons Mommy Drinks, which mixes humorous pieces about being a parent with cocktail recipes. Here Lyranda Martin-Evans and Fiona Stevenson share a few cocktails, and their inspiration.

Baby Belly-Ni (Non-Alcoholic)

Baby Belly-Ni

Inspiration: Prenatal Class turned out to be a complete waste of time and money when nothing went according to 'birth plan' in the end. Enjoy your final days of freedom.

5 ounces chilled sparkling nonalcoholic cider
2 ounces peach nectar
Splash of lemon juice

Chill a champagne flute. Pour in all the ingredients, stir, and enjoy your final days of freedom.

Nap Thyme

Nap Thyme

Inspiration: Nap Time becomes a new mom's race against time and the one precious hour a new mom has to accomplish everything.

Lemon juice
1 ounce gin
3 ounces club soda
Spring of fresh thyme

Rim a glass with lemon juice and then sugar. Fill the glass with ice. Pour in the gin, club soda, a splash of lemon juice and sugar to taste. Stir gently. Garnish with thyme.

Career Suicide

Career Suicide

Inspiration: Working From Home seemed like a productive idea at the time till your baby just spills food all over your laptop.

1 ounce Malibu Rum
1 ounce Tequila
3 ounces lemon-lime soda
Splash of orange juice
Splash of grenadine

Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled glass and stir.

The Red Eye

The Red Eye

Inspiration: Mornings before baby had time for smoothie sipping and experimenting with eye makeup, after baby is quite a different scene.

A shot of espresso in a tall mug of regular-brewed coffee, with sugar to taste.

Reasons Mommy Drinks


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