Fig, Almond and Banana Smoothie


Chock full of bone-building ingredients, Peggy K's FAB (Fig, Almond and Banana) smoothie trumps a regular glass of milk when it comes to bone health.


1 frozen banana, ripe
3/4 cup dried figs, re-hydrated in water (so they become plump)
2 cups almond milk
2 Tbs raw almond butter

Add all ingredients into blender and blend

Bone-Building Contributors

  • Figs are amongst the richest fruit sources of calcium. One cup of figs contains just as much calcium as a cup of milk. Plus, it's one of the richest fruit sources of magnesium, which helps with the absorption of calcium.
  • Figs are also a source of vitamin K. Vitamin K helpscreate bone-forming cells (required for strong healthy bones) and helps to deliver calcium from your blood to your bones so that it sticks.
  • Bananas are also a rich source of magnesium, promoting bone health, while almonds are rich in calcium and magnesium.
  • This shake significantly trumps a regular glass of milk in terms of bone health.
  • It's also alkaline-forming. Alkaline-forming foods contribute to a positive calcium balance and helps to preserve the minerals in your bones.


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