Upcycling Kids Toys

Steven & Chris show us three easy upcycling projects that transform old kids toys into decorative items your kids can continue to enjoy.


Above: UglyDoll 2ftUglyDoll ClassicCate & Levi Hand Puppet, Blah Blah Doll, Frank Fischer Asta Grey OwlSchylling Stripes the Long Eared BunnyBeba Bean Sock Monkey RattleHello Sunshine

Upcycle Kids Toys Using Liquid Soap

Fun kids soap idea to encourage washing hands - Lego Soap - add a few pieces of Lego to the liquid soap in our bathroom. For something more "girly", use Barbie shoes.

  1. Start with clear liquid soap in container
  2. Empty about half the soap out to reuse
  3. Add Lego or Barbie shoes
  4. Add more soap if needed

Upcycle Kids Toys Into 'Fun Hooks' For a Kids Room

You will need:
Toy animals made of solid plastic from the dollar store
Fine toothed saw or dull knife
A piece of wood
Spray paint

The first step in the project is a bit macabre - saw off the heads of plastic animals. Use a fine-toothed saw but it should work even with a dull knife.

Mark out where you want to have your heads on board and pre-drill holes.

Fasten your animals heads with glue and screws.

When the glue has dried it is time to paint.

Then hooks ready! You can use the remainder of the animals to make hooks of the buttocks!

Upcycle a Fruit Crate to Create a Toy Chest

You will need:
Spray paint
Spare wood
Fruit crate

Spray paint the casters with primer, then two coats of neon spray paint and let dry overnight

Because the wood base of the crate is thin, use thicker pieces of wood to swallow the screws from each caster. This ensures a stable, sturdy fit.

Screw casters into bottom of fruit crate

Fill the crate with your kids' toys!


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