Trendy Antiques

Like any other design trends, some antique pieces and looks are trendier than others. Designer Deb Nelson shows us how to spot different kinds of antiques and how to make them work in our own homes.

Anything that's more than 100 years old is considered an antique. When you use them in your decor, they can be considered the ultimate in recycling or going green, because you're not buying new disposable pieces.

Antiques are made of real wood, stand the test of time, and are durable and long lasting. Chances are, they'll outlive even your lifetime.

And regardless of what kind of antiques you have and how you plan on using them in your space, there are ways you can fix them up: paint a table, reupholster a chair, strip a console. The possibilities are endless.

"Current" Antiques

Trendy Antiques

Above: Console, Second Life rug, Elte; light, 507; architectural prints, Putti

Popular antiques right now incluce: primitive wooden antique tables, rustic, chunky pieces, tables, benches, old tool boxes, wooden bowls, aged industrial pieces, antlers, crates, raw unfinished wood or very distressed pieces, which are often called "primitives." These are all pieces that are in style now and almost anyone can use in their home.

"Harder to Use" Antiques

Trendy Antiques

Above: rug, pillows, floor lamps, art Elte, settee (507)

Antiques that are harder to use and are less trendy right now include: rocking chairs, heavy Victorian formal pieces with scrolls and details, upholstered pieces, and large oak pieces with lots of grain.

People are also never quite sure how to make settees work in their homes. If you have a settee, try adding modern pillows or even painting it out to work with the colour scheme of your room. They work well in hallways, kitchens or even at the foot of your bed.

When using antiques, make sure that all items work together and look like they belong naturally. To keep it looking fresh and modern, try pairing antiques with other items that are vintage. You can also add contemporary items, as long as you add an item that bridges the gap between old and new.


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