The Plum Design Trend

House and Home's Suzanne Dimma sat down with Steven and Chris to tell us about a trend that she loves right now: plum. Here are five fool-proof ways to get the look!

Plum Design Trend

Above: purple glass vase, plum log basket, Hollace Cluny; desk, rug, chair, light fixture, purple vase, art, Elte; Task lamp, Design Within Reach; paint, MaryJane P5196-73, Para Paints

Test it Out Temporarily

Start by getting your toes wet. A table setting is the perfect way to test out a trend because it's non-committal.

Revamp Basic Pieces

Revamp an existing piece with a fresh coat of paint - this can be anything from a small occasional table to a large armoire.

Adding wallpaper to the back of a shelving unit is a simple and temporary way to inject a trend into your space.

Create a vignette

Committing to an entire space may be difficult, so opt for a space that can stand alone. This writing desk vignette could fit in nicely in an unused nook or even a front foyer.

The Plum Design Trend

Envelop the space

Extending the purple to accent, accessories, and florals will really warm up the space. Adding layers of the same colour will really work to envelop the space and create a sumptuous effect.

Opt for warm accents

Muted gold accents are a perfect compliment for this space. You don't have to look very far for this inspiration; we pulled our colours from the inside of the plum.


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