The Mint Green Trend

Designer Andrea Ford shares her top six tips on how to seamlessly integrate the mint green trend into our home.

The Mint Green Trend

Above: wall paint, Para P5035-44; Gifts Galore, rug, stools, throw, pillows, West Elm; console table, lamps, chairs, Elte; art, Bijou & Boheme

Start Small

Try adding mint green chairs for a hit of colour, or simply add mint green kitchen countertop accessories.

Use Fabrics and Materials

Think about adding towels, duvets, pillows or drapery with mint green accents. These are a more costly investment but easily swapped if you want to tone down the look.

Think About Colour

Pick a shade that speaks to you but also works with the rest of your home seamlessly. Mint green also comes in a variety of shades - the spectrum is quite varied from warm to cool tones. You can make it very subtle and airy or go all out with a bold hue.

Go Custom

If you really want to commit to the colour, try adding custom pieces. You can do build-in shelves in the kitchen or living area, or even go full out with kitchen cabinetry. Going custom is definitely more of an investment which means you will be living with it for longer period of time, so be sure about your choices.

The Mint Green Trend

Choose Sophisticated Staples

Try to balance the bold shade with furnishings that can stand up to the colour, but remember that your wall colour should never dictate your furnishings. At some point, you will want to repaint but won't want to buy all new furniture pieces.

Opt for Bold Accessories and Complimentary Colours

This is where you really get to have fun with mint green. It pairs beautifully with pinks, yellows, turquoise - even red!


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