Steven’s Happy Place

We all have places that make us happy. For Steven, it's a creative living room. Somewhere bright, lively and layered that really encourages creativity. It's not necessarily a room where every piece is designed to go together, but a place where every piece is something that makes him happy.

Steven's Happy Place

Above: art cart, Elte; artwork, art supplies, easel, silver skull, coasters, Steven's own; standing lamp, lounge chair, skull pillow, ceramic skull, Avenue Road; cowhide chairs, Klaus; glass table, Roche Bobois; bench, Montauk; Steven and Chris patchwork rug, Hellenic Rugs; terrariums, Morba; ceramic baby heads, Up Country;  gears, skull cups, bowling pins, white bowl, Steven and Chris; coral, orchid and jute rug from the set; books, Indigo


Steven went to school for fine art and painting is his therapy. So he loves to casually display these pieces leaning against the wall and on easels, which create different levels and add layers to his space. A paint cart is also close by to hold all of his paints and brushes.

Steven's Happy Place

Layered Rugs

Texture is very important here. Having a Patchwork Persian remnants carpet layered on top of a jute rug really adds that warmth and texture to this living room as well as a ton of personality to the floor.


An extremely oversized chair is key in Steven's happy place. It's perfect for kicking back and reading a book or jotting down some of those creative ideas in his head.

Steven's Happy Place

One of a kind pieces

The cowhide chairs are unique and interesting. They're not mass produced and are a source of inspiration. He loves having unique furniture pieces around him. The same goes for the handcrafted bench, which is very functional as an additional surface for stacking up decor books and collectibles.


Steven loves to surround himself with oddities that have been gathered through travel, work, and from friends. The best way to display these items is in small groupings. His absolute favorite oddities of all have skulls on them.


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