Spa-Inspired Feng Shui Bathroom

If you're looking to create a soothing, tranquil space - what better place to get inspired than a spa! Our Feng Shui Expert, Laura Morris took us on a tour of Toronto's luxurious Sweetgrass Spa, then headed into the studio with some wonderful tips for how to bring that spa-like feeling into our own homes.

The overall aura in this space is one of calm tranquility and we just love the way it looks and feels!


Choose a paint colour that is calming but still gives you a pop of colour. We love Para's Mystic Lake.


Natural materials such as wood and stone help to bring in the elements. Natural fibers such as soy and bamboo are silky soft and help to bring in that soothing spa-like vibe.


We all love to be pampered, especially during the cooler months. Wrap yourself in luxury by splurging on soothing bath oils while you fill the room with warm candlelight and rejuvenating aromatherapy oils.


Where to get it

Paint: PARA "Mystic Lake"

Bathtub, vanity, mirror, all linens & accessories, GINGERS

Field Piece shot on location at SWEETGRASS SPA

Dr. Hauschka Products, available at SWEETGRASS SPA


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