Small Space, Big Impact

Designing a small space is a challenge but you don't have to compromise on style. Designer Lisa Worth shares her tips on how to get big impact from a small space.

Small Space, Big Impact

Above: portable paper wall, sofa, occassional table, occassional chair, table lamp, floor lamp, ottoman with built-in table, area rug, Emily Quinn; "La Vie en Rose" artwork by Lucille Marcotte, available at Brenda Temple Fine Art.

Consider Portable Walls

In many small or open spaces it can be very tricky to define the areas. A portable wall can act as a backdrop while offering separation and visual interest. Using LED lighting with your paper wall is a great way to add impact.

Add Colour to your Space

Colour is a wonderful way to make a statement in any space. Don't limit yourself to neutrals in a small space. To get big impact, go with colour!

Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

Function is key in any small space. The concept of an ottoman with built-in table is a very stylish storage solution. When you shop for furniture, look for dual purpose pieces.

Play With Scale

Don't shy away from large pieces when decorating a small space. Adding an oversized piece to a small space creates drama through tension.

Select Some Dramatic Pieces

A few bold pieces are key to achieving big impact in a small space. Consider dramatic table lamps and patterened area rugs for your small space.

Lisa Worth


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