Hardware Store DIY

1. Plumbing Pipe Shelf

In this DIY, Steven creates a modern industrial shelf using wood planks and plumbing pipe.



½" metal piping, elbows, and end fittings
pre-cut pine shelves
screws & plugs
red spray paint
clear varathane


  • Before you get started, be sure to measure your wall and clearances because the items we used are sold in fixed lengths.
  • Spray all your pipes and fittings with high adhesion red spray paint - allow to dry for 24 hours.
  • Apply a coat of clear varathane to the pine shelving - allow to dry for 24 hours.
  • Thread your pipe and fittings together.
  • Drill two end fittings to the top and bottom of each shelf.
  • Once your shelf is totally constructed, add elbows and remaining piping to attach to unit to the wall.

2. Mesh Screen Chandelier

To create a really chic chandelier, Steven draped a simple work light with some metal screening.


work light
metal screening
black wire


  • Temporarily hang your work light so you can work with it from all angles.
  • Wrap the work light with metal screening.
  • Synch your screening and use wire to secure it in place. 
  • Bend and mold the mesh in order to give it the look you want.
  • Hang your new chandelier in place and enjoy!

3. Fence Post Finial Candle Stick Holder

Jazz up the center of your table with a trendy centre piece that will start any dinner party conversation!



Fence post finials (varying shapes and sizes)
¾" drill bit
pillar candles
black latex paint


  • Use your drill bit to make a hole at the top of each fence finial.
  • Remove all saw dust and paint all the finials - allow 24 hours to dry.
  • Insert pillar candles and place on your dining table!

4. Roller Blind Fort

In this DIY Steven used simple roller blinds to create a fun fort that any kid would love to call their own.



Roller Shades and fittings
Permanent marker


  • Measure the under side of your dining table and have your roller blinds cut to fit. (Note: The two longer pieces will run the entire length of the table and the two shorter pieces will need to be 4" shorter than the width to accommodate for the other two long blinds.)
  • Open them up and draw on any design you like - we chose a "Members Only" fort house.
  • Roll the blinds back up and install on the under side of your table.
  • Let your kids enjoy hours of fun in their fort!

Where Steven went shopping:

metal piping, elbows, and end fittings
pre-cut pine shelves
work light
metal screening
Fence post finials
Roller Shades and fittings

Home Depot

Shelving and tabletop accessories


Fillament Bulb



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