Good Better Best: Den

Whether you use your den as a guest room or a quiet reading spot, we have tips to make this space truly enjoyable.

2.jpg Chaise, Coffee Table, Rug, Accessories, Pillows, Art: Cocoon Chairs, Side Table: Boo Boo and Lefty Wall Sconces: Kantelberg & Co. Building Supplies: Home Depot Paint- Comfortable Chinos: Para Paints

The key to this space is a faux wall which we custom created for the space. We kept renters in mind here and have come up with a small project that we think would look fabulous in any space - small or large. The wall is one piece of plywood which is braced with a few 2x4s. We then applied chunky decorative molding and painted black to get the look of an oversized old door.

Coffee Table

This is for those of you who have some extra space in your den or bonus room. Add a surface for some collectables and a cocktail if needed. This piece is a Waren Planter inspired piece - and although it looks modern, it was in fact first developed in the 1960's.


We always look to create environments that can grow if needed or include elements you can invest in down the road. These two pieces are great investment staples and could work in virtually any space. These chairs add a layer of warmth to this beautiful space.


Bring more focus to your custom wall with art. These pieces are small enough that they don't distract from the piece, but are bold enough to give it presence.

Rug and Cushions

To add colour to this space we want to add some toss cushions and a rug with some pattern and colour. We love how the gold/mustard in these accent pillows pick up on the tones we have going on in the rug and paint on the wall.



These sconces are fabulous - in fact, we wouldn't even classify them as a sconce; they are more sculptural wall art. For that reason, we have opted to hang two side by side here. This will add some great visual interest to your wall and work to move your eye around the space.



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