Fun With Felt: DIY Remote Caddy

No more searching under sofa cushions for the remote, once you make this fun felt caddy Steven came up with to keep you organized.

Fun With Felt: DIY Remote Caddy


Acrylic felt (two colours)
Fabric glue
Spray glue
Bristol board


  1. Draw a 2' x 4' panel on bristol board; this will act as a template for your felt panels. Cut out three identical felt panels: two of one colour and one of the other.
  2. Glue your base colour panel and accent panel together using spray glue, creating a single, two coloured panel.
  3. Fold up the bottom of your new panel, creating a sling where you can store magazines or newspapers. This will be 12 inches.
  4. Create another 12 inch fold on your third panel, and place this just above your panel.
  5. Attach your two panels together using fabric glue, and by sewing on two decorative buttons.

Creating the Pocket

  1. Draw out the size of pocket you would like to create and draw an X connecting all four corners.
  2. With a sharp blade, cut along your X.
  3. Fold you triangles back inside your felt flap and secure them down with spray glue.
  4. Use fabric glue, glue down your flap to your colourful piece of felt. Steven left about an inch of space between the glue line and edge of the felt.
  5. Allow 12 hours for the glue to dry and set.
  6. Using fabric glue, attach a decorative flap to the inside opening of your pocket.


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