Feng Shui for a Romantic Bedroom


Feng Shui expert Laura Morris shares her tips on creating a romantic bedroom and promoting a successful relationship through feng shui.


Above: Bed, Headboard, 2x round gold tables, gold bench, 2x gold lamps, onyx lamp, 2x picture frames, Barrymore Furniture; Dresser, Ikea; Rug, W Studio; Yellow Cushions, yellow bowl, gold box, coral, Homesense; Candle holders, yellow throw, Crate and Barrel; Books, Indigo; Bedding, Steven and Chris; 2x chairs, West Elm; Clover side table, Boo, boo and Lefty.

Three Common Mistakes Couples Make in the Bedroom

1. Too Much Electronics and Exercise Equipment

It's Feng Shui 101 to remove electronics, televisions, computers and exercise equipment. Having these items in the bedroom changes the nature of the room from intimate and private to public. They introduce more of the fire element which can be too stimulating as well as bringing in extra electromagnetic fields.

2. Large Mirrors

Mirrors represent the water element which add movement and disrupt sleep. So if you have trouble sleeping, you should consider relocating your mirrors to another room.

3. Bed Against the Wall

Create a clear path to both sides of the bed so that both partners have equal access to their respective sides of the bed. If not, one person can feel less important in the relationship.

Feng Shui Tips for a Romantic Bedroom

By balancing the energy in your master bedroom both partners will feel more comfortable and will want to spend more intimate time together. Try following these principles year round to promote a successful relationship through feng shui.

Balance Hard and Soft Lines

Curved lines are great and help to keep feng shui moving around a space. You can, however, have too much of a good thing. Too many curved lines can cancel it out and slow down the chi so try to balance the hard lines with soft ones. If your bedroom is very feminine with a lot of ruffles and curved lines in things like the headboard, drapery, lamps, lose some of those frills, curls and curves. Remove the stuffed teddy bears too. Soft plush things are yin, which is comforting and nurturing, but too much can lead to lethargy.

Simplify Patterns

Too many busy patterns slow dow the eye and small repeating patterns add visual and mental clutter. Simplify with a little pattern, mix yin patterns with yang ones, like florals and stripes.

Reduce Toss Pillows

A million toss pillows slow down chi and create a heavy feeling. The last thing you want to do at bedtime is remove a ton of pillows which creates work and tension. Choose pillows that are soft and fluffy. It'll make you want to get comfy and cozy in bed and linger.

Mix Warm and Cool Hues

Yin is dark and yang is light. Make sure you balance them and don't let one overpower the other. Too much dark color will slow the chi down so you should brighten up with lighter walls and main bedding. Bright, hot colors like orange, yellow and red are generally more yang. Cool blues and mauves are introduce yin.

Add Items in Pairs

Get symbolic about your relationship. Try adding pairs of things in the bedroom to represent both partners in the relationship. Two small plants or flowers, two crystal rose quartz hearts, or artwork with pairs — something meaningful for you and your significant other.

If All Else Fails

If all else fails add candles. They're a wonderful addition to the relationships and love area of the bagua since they represent the fire element.


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