Dorm Room Decor Solutions

How do you make the most of your small dorm room that's desperately in need of inspiration? We've got a couple ideas to brighten up your academic living quarters.


Above: desk, chair, stationary, printer, file folders, Kindle, headphones, laptop, Staples, desk lamp, metal drum, pillow, HomeSense; design books, Chapters/Indigo, feather purse, Ebay

Option 1 (left): cork, Staples; paint, Para

Option 2 (right): scarves, The Bay


Option 1: Cork Wall Paper

1. Rolls of Cork
2. Apply to wall with removable velcro strips
3. Small roller and paint - you can use stencils of anything you want
4. Push pins so you can pin up pictures, assignments, notes
You've got an entire wall that you can personalize and create the look of wallpaper without damaging your dorm room walls!

Option 2: Scarves

1. Some pretty vintage scarves
2. Small Clip Pins (so we don't ruin the scarves!)
3. Velcro Dots (attach to clip pins)
4. Attach Velcro to the wall, stretch the scarves over them to create fun, fashion inspired wall d├ęcor.


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