DIY: Upcycling

In this DIY, Steven uses items you may have at the back of your cupboards or collecting dust in your basement to create fun and whimsical home accents.

1. Decoupage Accents

Steven's easiest DIY yet! With only two steps, this is a DIY for everyone.




Old computer paper or old books
Glue sealer
Old decorative object (You can decoupage anything these days, so try this with an old lamp or a shoebox box for fun decorative accessories.)
Foam brush


1. Cut out your recycled paper into rectangles of varying sizes.
2. Using your glue sealer, adhere the paper to your surface (for a modern look, Steven applied the paper in concentric circles).

2. Mad Hatter Accents





Old dishware
Hot glue gun
Epoxy sealer
Candlestick holders and Candles (for the candelabra only)
Spray paint (optional)


1. Using both your epoxy and hot glue gun, layer your old dishware on top of one another.
2. Allow to set for 24 hours.
3. If you are creating a candelabra, add small candlestick holders throughout.
4. Spray the entire surface with spray paint (optional).
5. Display for a fun whimsical accent to any space!

3. Alice in Wonderland Lamp



Old dishware
Lamp kit
Ceramic drill bit
Hot glue gun
Epoxy sealer
Spray Paint


1. Drill a hole through the center of all your dishware. (Try to keep all the dishes the same size and be sure the bottom dish has feet to allow for your cord.)
2. Stack and glue each dish together. Be sure to line up all the holes in order to feed the lamp cord through.
3. Once you have reached your desired height, assemble the lamp as per the instructions on your lamp kit.
4. Spray your lamp for a clean uniform look.
5. Top it off with a fun lampshade and add it to your space!!


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