DIY Twig Art Projects

Twigs are an easy and free way to bring a touch of the outdoors in your home. Try out these three DIY art projects, which will make great use of your garden twigs!


Nature Wall Art


  1. newspaper to cover and protect your work space
  2. a store bought framed canvas
  3. craft paint brush
  4. repositional spray adhesive (aka artist's mounting adhesive)
  5. gold spray paint


First, cover your work space with newspaper.

Place your leaves or branch (or whatever you will be using as your stencil) framed canvas with mounting spray/respositional spray adhesive.Press down gently to adhere.

Spray over leaves with gold spray paint, allow to dry, and then carefully peel off your leaves/stencil.

Twig Push Pins


  1. twigs
  2. saw
  3. hammer
  4. small t-pins
  5. small finishing nails
  6. super glue
  7. needle-nose pliers
  8. safety goggles and mask

  1. Cut your twigs into small nubs. Do not use a twig that is under 5″ because your hand will be too close to where you are cutting.
  2. Take your needle-nose pliers and snip off the top of your t-pins and your finishing nails. For the t-pins, you want your headless pin lengths to be about .75″ long. For your nails, you want to cut off the small head part only, leaving the whole length of the nail. save one nail for later.
  3. For the twig push-pins, hold your cut t-pin in the center of a round twig nub with the sharp point facing up. tap the pin with the hammer until it sinks into the wood about halfway. this won't damage the tip too much (it will still be sharp enough to be a tack) and it will firmly secure the pin into the twig. repeat with the rest of your twig push-pins.
  4. For the wall hooks, take the saved nail and hammer it into the top center of the larger twig nub, stopping when it has sunken in about .5″. use your pliers to pull the nail back out again, leaving a small hole in the center of the twig nub.
  5. Take one of your headless nails and dab superglue on the non sharp end. use your hammer to tap the glue end of the headless nail into the hole about .5 - .75″, leaving 1″ on nail exposed. Let these dry.
  6. Now your hooks and push-pins are ready for use!

Depending on that surface you are nailing into, the hooks can hold about 10-15 lbs. - enough for a small mirror or picture frame.

Twig Caramel Apple


  1. 1 14-ounce package of caramels
  2. 2 tablespoons water
  3. 6 apples
  4. 6 twigs

Soak and scrub twigs to make sure they are clean enough to use.

Cut the ends at an angle to make them sharp.

In a medium saucepan, over medium heat, stir the caramels with 2 tablespoons of water until melted.

Slide a twig into an apple, dip the apple into the caramel, then place on wax or parchment paper.


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