DIY Kids’ Shelving Unit

This fun DIY delivers on everything a kid's room needs: a punch of colour, a bit of whimsy and, most importantly, lots of storage!


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old desk
second-hand tables* of varying heights/styles
circular saw
spray paint (in your choice of colour)
6-in. pieces two-by-four (1 for each shelf)
wall plugs and/or toggle bolts


  1. Place desk in desired location along wall.
  2. Use a circular saw (available for rent at most home-building centres) to cut second-hand tables in half. Allow more depth on lower tables and go narrower on upper tables.
  3. Spray-paint tables and desk in the same colour and stack them one on top of the other. Precision is not key here; the design is meant to be fun and whimsical.
  4. Mark the middle of each table on the wall and screw a 6-in. piece of two-by-four at each marking. Kids will use, abuse and climb on any and all furniture, so it's important to make sure each piece of shelving is secure. Use wall plugs to anchor screws when bracing smaller shelves and toggle bolts for larger, heavier segments. (Note: Toggle bolts require very large pilot holes, and if you ever have to remove the bolt, the spring-loaded anchor will fall down behind the wall.)
  5. To secure, balance each table on top of the piece of wood. Screw table to wood from top.
  6. Decorate as you please!

*We sourced our tables from a junkyard, second-hand store and charitable organization.



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