DIY Holiday Countdown Calendar


What better way to build anticipation during the holidays than with a countdown calendar? Here we show you how to make a fun version for you and your family to enjoy.

DIY Holiday Countdown Calendar


White paper sandwich bags
Grey felt
Silver grommets
White fabric paint
Silver spray paint
Wooden clothes pegs
Stencil (or make your own)
Dowel (for hanging)
Red ribbon


  1. Cut your felt to size. You need to leave enough room for six rows of four bags.
  2. Attach dowel to the top by folding a flap at the top and hot gluing the felt together.
  3. Add two grommets to the top left and right corners. This is where you will add your ribbon to hang it to the wall.
  4. Measure out where you want 24 grommets to go to hang the bags.
  5. Add your grommets using your grommet tool.
  6. Take your stencil and fabric paint and paint 1-24 on the felt.
  7. Spray paint your clothes pegs silver & let dry.
  8. Take your white paper bags, fill with treats, and add red ribbon.
  9. Attach bags to felt using clothes pegs.
  10. Hang on wall, and let the countdown begin!

DIY Holiday Countdown Calendar


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