DIY Garage Organizer

This handy little organizer is a great place to host your family's garbage and recycling schedules. Plus, it's the perfect catch-all for small, frequently used items, such as a flashlight, tape measure, garbage ties or anything else you don't want to go digging for!


rigid foam insulation board
sharp knife (drywall blade works best)
galvanized steel strips
4 drywall screws and steel washers
your choice of fabric, large enough to cover board (plus 2-in. excess)
spray adhesive
strong fabric-friendly adhesive (e.g. No Nails or Krazy Glue)
vinyl cup hooks
push pins
magnetic spice jars


  1. Cut insulation board to desired size with knife. Or, better yet, ask one of the nice people in the drywall or lumber section of your local hardware store to cut it for you!
  2. Cut fabric to size, remembering to leave 2-in. allowance for wrapping around board.
  3. Iron fabric to remove any folds or creases.
  4. Apply spray adhesive to board and carefully lay fabric over it. Allow to dry.
  5. Flip board over and apply spray adhesive to each edge, then make hospital-corner folds on the underside of each of the 4 corners.
  6. Apply strong, fabric-friendly adhesive to underside of each galvanized strip and adhere to desired spot on face of board. Tip: Don't overdo glue or it will seep around edges and make a terrible mess!
  7. To attach to wall, place steel washer on board and hang with drywall screws.
  8. Use hooks and push pins to hang items of your choice! Magnetic spice jars are great for storing small screws, nails, nuts and bolts along the steel strips!


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