DIY Beanbag Toss

Step right up and test your aim (and DIY skills) at Frank Di Leo's portable beanbag toss! Kids and adults alike will be lining up in your backyard to take a turn.


16 linear ft. 1- x 2-in. poplar or clean pine (for framing)
4- x 2-ft. piece 5/8-in. or 3/4-in. plywood
1 1/2-in. wood screws
1- x 1-ft. piece 5/8-in. or 3/4-in. plywood (for support foot)
4 butt hinges
2 trunk latches
1 handle
number stencils (optional)
urethane or tung oil


  1. Use wood screws to frame 4- x 2-ft piece of plywood with poplar (or pine) to create an open box of sorts.
  2. Draw target shapes of your choice (e.g. circles, squares, triangles, etc.) on plywood face.
  3. Predrill guide holes and use jigsaw to cut out shapes.
  4. Once shapes are cut, cut plywood in half into 2 2- x 2-ft. squares.
  5. Flip plywood squares face down onto work surface. Use wood screws to add poplar frame to cut edge on both squares.
  6. Reattach plywood squares along cut side by affixing 2 hinges to frame.
  7. Attach support foot to top segment of frame with 2 remaining hinges.
  8. Tuck in support foot and fold game in half. Attach latches and handle.
  9. Use number stencils to paint point values around each target hole. Alternatively, you can freehand numbers or use stickers.
  10. Paint/decorate game board any way you like or just give it a coat of exterior urethane or tung oil.
  11. Purchase beanbags or sew your own and fill with your favourite beans.


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