Creative Kids Rooms

Kids rooms are a great space to play with pattern, fabric and decor. Decor Expert Shirley Meisels shows us two kids rooms that are bold, beautiful and big on design.


Tips on Decorating a Kids Room

1. Consider a feature wall

Use graphic wallpaper on one wall to create a feature wall. Large patterns work best on large walls and small patterns works best on small walls. Layer with solids so your space does not look too busy.

2. Avoid theme rooms

To create more interest, mix up your d├ęcor choices and avoid the "matchy-matchy" look

3. Avoid furniture sets

Mixing furniture as well as the materials they are made from will give you a unique room

4. Use custom items

Custom items give you the look you want and add to the uniqueness of the space.

5. Up-cycle old items from the home

A coat of spray paint can breathe new life to an old piece of furniture you may already own. Consider bright colours for maximum impact.


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