Creating Contemporary Spaces

When designing contemporary spaces you don't always have to stick to a light color palette. Dark colors can just as easily create a contemporary look. Robin Lewis shows us how to create a simple, uncluttered living room that favours clean lines and warm textures. Here are his tips on creating a balanced & contemporary space.

Creating Contemporary Spaces

Above: console, couch, Design Republic; coffee table, nesting tables, light, rug, pillows, Avenue Road; paint, Sarah Richardson Sunbeam

Create Flow

Versatility is key. Coffee tables can become additional seating in a small space, or can can be a place for artwork or plants. There should be a natural flow in a room - things should be free to be picked up and moved around as you see fit. It is important to have flexibility in your anchor pieces so you can decide how and where you want to use them.

Use Natural Materials to Soften Spaces

When designing clean and contemporary spaces, use natural materials like woods, leathers, and marbles as much as you can. Consider adding soft forms with hard materials such as a round coffee table with a marble surface. And take it a step further by adding warmth through your materials.

You don't want to have too many stark lines and harsh edges. A soft wool rug or fur throw adds balance to a room and encourages guests to feel comfortable and cozy. And remember to repeat materials in order to create a cohesive room.

Consider Art Display

You don't have to break the bank when it comes to art - kids' or friends' artwork can look amazing when framed properly. Try grouping similar frames in threes to create uniformity, balance and repetition. Art is very personal, so make sure you only buy what you really love.

Keep It Simple

Think and plan and think again. Stick to the basics first and remember to keep it simple. And don't be afraid to ask for help!


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