Build A Thanksgiving Buffet


Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to consider a buffet. BitemeMore girls Jane Apor and Julie Albert give us their tips on how to serve a Thanksgiving buffet that's both stylish and mouth watering.

Build your own Thanksgiving buffet to impress your guests.

How to build a Thanksgiving buffet:

  1. Create food stations: The idea of food stations often used for parties can be incorporated in your Thanksgiving buffet table by dividing your meal into the following categories: cocktails/mocktails and appetizers; soups and salads; and the main dish - turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy.
  2. Keep appetizers bite sized
  3. Garnish turkey with lemons and oranges

Add festive decor to your Thanksgiving buffet.

  1. Incorporate festive decor on your buffet table: Use dollar store pumpkins and corn husks (spray paint them metallic gold, silver and bronze), create a button tree with twigs and buttons, line your table with wood themed craft paper and use stamps to create thank you cards for your guests.
  2. Set-up a dessert buffet: Keep your dessert on a separate buffet table so that it does not sit next to your main course all night. Remove one piece of pie just as your guests are ready for the sweet table so nobody is shy to take the first piece!
  3. Extend your buffet decor to your dining room table: Decorate your dining room table with festive decor and use name cards if you think it will help your guests mingle and have an enjoyable dinner.


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