Bold Furniture Decorating 101

Decorating around a bold piece of furniture can be tricky. You don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb or overshadow the rest of your space! Here we show you how you can seamlessly incorporate it into your room.

We recommend you start with a neutral rug and wall colour to create a canvas for your bold pieces. Since you are going to add a bit of punch to the room you need to begin with a clean palette.

The black sofa, side table and lamp help ground the room and the black colour allows our bold yellow chairs to take center stage. Adding a patterned ottoman that works as a coffee table helps to draw your eye to the middle of the room and it acts as a bridge between the bold chairs and neutral sofa. Using a graphic print is a great way to bring texture into the room and works as a mixing element.

Bold Furniture Decorating 101

When working with a strong colour like yellow make sure to bring that same colour or shade through additional pieces to tie the whole room together.

Here we added a side table lamp that we DIY'd by painting the base the same colour as our chairs. And these gorgeous cushions help soften the harshness of the sofa and bring more texture into the room.

Bold Furniture Decorating 101

We also added a series of framed feather prints that pick up on the colours of the chairs. You can go on any stock photo website, find a print that you like, and buy it at a minimal cost. We recommend you go for a series of four to six to create a strong focal wall and make a statement. Inexpensive frames in a solid colour will keep the look uniform.

Bold Furniture Decorating 101

Get the look: sofa, 2x chairs, frames, IKEA; side table, standing lamp, table lamp, accessories, cushions, HomeSense; rug, EQ3; ottoman, tray, cushions, Target


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