Better Bedroom Organization

Keeping an organized bedroom saves both time and money. There's nothing worse than rushing to get ready for an early morning and finding your pantyhose snagged by a bra hook. Prevent morning mishaps and extend bra life expectancy by following these bedroom basics.

Better Bedroom Organization

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Tips for an Organized Bedroom

Keep your drawers in order! Bras should be stored cup to cup to help them maintain their shape. Keep pantyhose and tights in sandwich bags to prevent snags and tables. Lavender and cedar sachets are a great way to keep delicates smelling fresh.

Under-the-bed real estate is valuable so use it wisely! Storage bags for both shoes and sweaters are invaluable space savers. Toss silica gel packets (the little things labelled "do not eat" that come in the boxes when you buy your shoes) in with shoes to keep moisture away. Cedar blocks, balls and sachets fend off pesky insects and also absorb moisture to help prolong the life of your garments.

Store cashmere and other fine knits by folding them flat wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. Why acid free? Acid slowly seeps into fabric and stitches and gradually rots the fibres. Over time, the affected area starts deteriorating and holes develop and stitches thin out and break.

Storing garments in dry cleaning bags is a big no no! The poly bags you get at the dry cleaner are only meant to protect your clothes while you take them home. Poly bags retain moisture and can result in stains and also generate static electricity. Store clothing in natural cotton garment bags and label them — another important time-saver!

Bedroom Organization Essentials

These are six essentials to help organize your bedroom space.


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