4 Ways to Create a Perfect Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall can seem overwhelming. Designer Trish Johnston shares her tips on how to work with your existing wall treatment to display your art in an interesting and styish way!

Wall 1: Neutral Painted Wall

Gallery Wall: Neutral Painted

Pick one colour for the frames to keep it easy and consistent 

The frames are all different sizes but arranged into one unified shape, which gives the arrangement structure, and simplifies the composition. To tie each piece together we used black frames featuring the same white matting.

Wall 2: Wallpaper

Gallery Wall: Wallpaper

This patterned wallpaper is a piece of art on its own. But you have to be careful to pick artwork that doesn't fight visually with the wallpaper. Use one series of work to keep it  clean and simple, and use a white matte when framing the artwork to create a separation from the wallpaper. This gives your eye a break, and the white frames also complement the white detail in the wallpaper.

Sources for Wall 1 and Wall 2: art, Art Interiors; white console, IKEA; white bench, ELTE; lamps, HomeSense

Wall 3: Wood Panelling

Gallery Wall: Wood Panelling

Have fun with this! This is a great wall for a vacation home or cottage, as art and mementos can be added in over time. Be brave and eclectic in your choices of artwork. To make sure it's balanced in terms of composition, lay this out on the ground prior to hanging.

Wall 4: Panel Moulding

Gallery Wall: Panel Moulding

Choose one series of art for symmetry and balance, and keep within the panels for a cleaner look. Panelling can look traditional but the art doesn't have to be —ontemporary pieces can work well in a traditional room.

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