10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Kitchen

The all white kitchen is probably the most popular look right now, and Suzanne Dimma's got 10 great ways to inject a little life into that blank slate without renovating.

10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Kitchen

Above: kitchen cabinets, sink, hardware, faucet, table light, Ikea; vintage dishes and canisters, cutlery, , Cynthia Findlay Antiques, tea towels, wooden bowls, Chair Table Lamp; table, Sharon O'Dowd; antique pottery, painting, Angus & Company; cutting board, West Elm

1. Display White and Vintage Dishes

Open shelves are a great place to get creative. Mix everyday plates and bowls with collectibles. A few pops of colour bring this display to life. You can find vintage pieces at flea markets and second hand stores. Just a few interesting objects can elevate your everyday dishes.

10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Kitchen

2. Add in Tea Towels

Luxe linen tea towels needn't be tucked away in a drawer for special occasions. Keep them in regular rotation, and use them. They'll soften with use and age beautifully. This is the number one stylist's trick for adding colour and life to a kitchen, next to fruit.

3. Layer in Cutting Boards

A stack of wooden cutting boards on the counter injects a hit of warmth and some patina. Aged ones have far more character than new ones and can also work to hide less attractive elements like outlets or wires.

4. Add Cutlery and Herbs in Beautiful Pots

Create a functional vignette by displaying everyday cutlery in decorative jars like vintage crockery, especially if you have gorgeous flatware. Herbs can also be stored here and add a great pop of freshness to the counter.

5. Lean Art

Who says you can't bring art into your cooking space? Lean a small oil painting against the backsplash for a more casual take on artwork. Choose something behind glass or an inexpensive piece because this art may catch some cooking splatter.

10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Kitchen

6. Put a Lamp on the Counter

A simple task light provides a soft warm glow on the counter, providing a layer of decorating and an unfitted feel. Not everything has to be built in to look great.

7. Add in a Colourful Rug

Instead of a small mat in front of the sink, roll out a full runner for pattern and warmth. A dense pattern is practical and a vintage timeworn Persian even better as it doesn't matter how worn out it gets.

8. Use an Antique Table as an Island

Use a long, narrow antique table in place of a heavy island to lighten the look of built in cabinets. This surface can work double duty as a prep area or a dining area.

10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Kitchen

9. Coral Appliances with a Tray

Keep a toaster and other necessities corralled together on a handy crumb-catching tray. Don't get carried away here, you don't want to jam everything you own on this tray, just your daily essentials.

10. Break up large surface with a trug or bowl

Visually break up a large kitchen table surface or island with a sculptural wooden bowl or trug. Invest in something you can store food in, so it will do double duty. And don't forget the apples.


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