Swedish Roast Potatoes (Hasselback Potatoes)

We have here best of both potato worlds; a maximum crispy roasted surface and a fluffy tender interior.

Sunday Roast Chicken

We'll bet you can't wait until the weekend to make this classic roast chicken from Chef Michael P. Clive.

Foolproof Braised Pork Shoulder

A foolproof recipe perfect for sunday dinner, serve Chef Jonathan Collins' braised pork shoulder along with his potato gratin. Serves 8 Ingredients 2kg pork shoulder, bone-in 2 yellow onions 2pc carrots 2pc celery 1pc leek 1 garlic bulb, peeled 4...

Foolproof Potato Gratin

A golden and crisp side to go along with your foolproof braised pork shoulder, Chef Jonathan Collins' shares his potato gratin recipe. Serves 8 Ingredients 500ml 2% milk 500ml 35% cream 2.5kg potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced 5pc garlic cloves,...

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