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Upside Down Pineapple Pancakes

What do you get when you cross a fluffy buttermilk pancake and the flavours of a classic upside down pineapple cake? Why, this deliciously decadent dish by Chef Michael P. Clive, of course. For an extra special treat, serve with...

Chili Cornbread Cobbler

Chef Michael P. Clive has combined chili and cornbread, two of his two favourite things, into one supreme dish! This is a great all-in-one recipe sure to please the whole family.

Quick Cassoulet

This rich and flavourful pork and white bean casserole from Chef Michael P. Clive is sure to keep you warm, cosy and satisfied!

Escarole Salad

Here's a pleasingly hearty and simple-to-make green salad from Chef Michael P. Clive.

Mixed Berry and Mascarpone Crepes

These berry and mascarpone-filled crepes from Chef Michael P. Clive are just right for a special breakfast or brunch.

Decadent Eggs Benedict

Everyone loves Eggs Benedict! Enjoy this classic brunch recipe from Chef Michael P. Clive.

Sunday Roast Chicken

We'll bet you can't wait until the weekend to make this classic roast chicken from Chef Michael P. Clive.

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