Philly Cheese Steak Pocket Sandwiches

Chef Jo's dish do-over is a healthier and tastier alternative to frozen, store-bought pocket sandwiches.

Strawberry Toaster Pastry

Chef Jo Lusted works her magic on a breakfast favourite — strawberry toaster pastries!

Our Favourite Dish Do-Overs

We've put together a list of our all-time favourite and most popular Dish Do-Over recipes from Chef Jo Lusted!

Chef Jo’s Favourite Kitchen Gadgets

Chef Jo Lusted shares her favourite gadgets for improved healthy eating.

Dish Do-Over: Cobb Salad

Chef Jo Lusted lightens up a traditional cobb salad, cutting the fat in half but keeping the flavour.

Dish Do-Over: Cream of Asparagus Soup

Love creamy soups but hate the fat? Try this Dish Do-Over for Cream of Asparagus Soup. It's sure to please!

Tastier, Healthier, Low-Fat Burger

Chef Jo's got a fantastic Dish Do-Over of one of your all time favourite comfort foods - the classic burger!

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