Q&A: Jamie Oliver’s Sexiest Foods and More

Chef Jamie Oliver sits down to talk about life, family, and an uncommonly erotic food.

Trend Alert: Dark Florals

Dark florals are a hot trend this season! Liv Judd form Lou Lou magazine shows us how to pull it off.

Audience Q & A: Jo Lusted

What's the best substitute for sour cream? How do you know if an egg is fresh? Chef Jo Lusted has all the answers as she goes one-on-one with our studio audience!...

Audience Q & A: Tosca Reno

When Tosca Reno turned 40, she was overweight, unhappy and unsatisfied. The situation was clear: she needed to make a change. That's when she decided to take control of her life and begin a transformational journey to become an athletic,...

Audience Q & A: Jeanne Beker

Few women in Canadian media can say they've done it all... unless you're Jeanne Beker. It has been said that fashion is a competitive and cutthroat industry, but one woman has managed to stay ahead of the curve throughout her...

Backstage Q & A: Don Cherry

He's big on hockey and bold with fashion. Ask any Canadian hockey fan: there's only one Don Cherry. Born in Kingston, Ont., Don Cherry spent his early days on the ice as a longtime player in professional minor hockey. In...

Backstage Q & A: Nelly Furtado

Ever since she won a 2002 Grammy Award for her hit song "I'm Like a Bird," Canadian singer Nelly Furtado has flown to international stardom. The Victoria, BC-native has released five studio albums - one being a full-length Spanish album,...

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