Top 10 Canadian sports personalities on Twitter

The world has discovered that sending Twitter messages in less than 140 characters can actually be fun, especially if you have a personality and crave attention. In the spirit of our efforts to catalogue the year in sports, here are's top 10 Canadian personalities on Twitter.

Coyotes' Bissonnette deserves to be No. 1

The world has discovered that sending Twitter messages in less than 140 characters can actually be fun, especially if you have a personality and crave attention.

In 2011, the line "I’m following you" has taken on a whole new meaning.

Politicians, provocative movie stars and fourth-line hockey players have all discovered the delights, and the pitfalls, of communicating instantly and directly with the wired audience.

In the spirit of our efforts to catalogue the year in sports, we’re taking a look at the top 10 Canadian sports personalities on Twitter:

Paul Bissonnette, Phoenix Coyotes @BizNasty2point0

There's no one more deserving to start this list than Bissonnette.

The Coyotes' fourth-liner is perhaps the most unpredictable and risqué athlete on Twitter, which explains why he boasts the second-most followers among NHLers at over 190,000.

Whether it's the fact that there's no topic he won't shy away from or his creative Tweets (e.g. the time he played NHL all-star game captain and selected guys like Kyle Wellwood, Lenny Dykstra and Bill Clinton), "BizNasty" is pure entertainment.

Twitter sample:

Things I'm thankful for. 1-way contracts, yoga pants, the city of Las Vegas, press box hotdogs, twitter, DM'ing on twitter, and Tim Hortons.

Finally getting a chance to watch the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Always be prepared. For those wondering about my last tweet. I have a cold and dry legs.

Dear #CBC and #HNIC. Thank you for my new bath towels. Just curious as 2 when the robe and face cloths are coming?

Had to drop myself in fantasy hockey today. Welcome back Sidney Crosby.

Goaltender Marty Brodeur got his 37th career assist tonight. But to my defense he plays the whole game. #4thlineproblems

Ryan Whitney, Edmonton Oilers @ryanwhitney6

He may only have 66,000 followers, but the Oilers' defenceman may be the most underrated hockey player on Twitter.

Whitney has just played 13 games in the last 12 months because of time on the injured reserve list in Edmonton, so he's had plenty of time to interact with fans about his own team's progress.

Twitter sample:

I would absolutely love to see Tiger sink a putt to win this match and give a huge fist pump right in that clown Stevie Williams grill.

Tough to get on the score sheet from the press box bro RT @shawnmiller4 How did you not get any points last night in 9-2 win?

The Nuge is staying in NHL huh? What a shocker. In other news, sky is blue, grass is green and it's going to be cold in Edmonton in January

Joffrey Lupul, Toronto Maple Leafs @JLupul

One of several Toronto Maple Leafs addicted to Twitter, Lupul has been as surprising here as he has been on the ice this season.

Lupul's most noteworthy social media moment came earlier in the year when he accidentally left his cell phone in a Toronto taxi. Just 10 minutes after tweeting about it, his phone was returned to him.

Twitter sample:

Just left my iphone in a Toronto taxi to start the day… Let’s make #findlupulsphone a trending topic.
Reward- tickets to the next 5 games and a jersey. Andddddd go!

@armdog if ur wondering why I put my helmet and mouthgaurd on as soon as I park my car, it's because my stall is next to #brownbeauts HelpMe

Thank god they put those numbers on the front of our helmets or I wouldn't know who anyone is out there...

Ron Wilson, Toronto Maple Leafs @coachrw63

When Lupul isn't entertaining the sports world from Toronto, it's the Leafs coach who takes the reigns.

To be honest, if Wilson wasn't already verified, I would have a hard believing it's actually him. He gives useful team updates, but more importantly he chirps his own players and the media every chance he gets.

Twitter sample:

For those wondering where Dion got the idea for his baby blue suit. And a lame plug for the new Muppet Movie.

Just gave all Dad's their son's jerseys. All claimed to be @PKessel81 's dad. @armdog dad would only accept jersey if it had bandaid on it.

@armdog goofed up earlier. Here's the pic of Army 

Give me a break, stache haters. It's been 4 days, & it's coming in all white. 4 years ago, it was reddish, @armdog @PKessel81 why???

John Axford, Milwaukee Brewers @JohnAxford

If you're talking baseball, there's no one more entertaining than Brewers' closer.

The native of Simcoe, Ont., had about as dominating a season as one can have in the big leagues and tweeted all the way through it. If you learn anything about the guy through his updates, it's that he loves Canada, he loves making fun of himself and he's more than in love with his own mustache. Seriously.

Twitter sample:

My pre New Years resolution... to put on 15 lbs during the Holiday Season! BOOOOOOOM! #HolidayFatty

Nah...sharks watch my week! RT: @lstrauss4: @JohnAxford Do you watch shark week? Your missing some good stuff.

This could be the #staching-est bullpen this side of...well...anywhere! I'm overly pumped! Can't wait for this 2nd half to start! #KROD!

Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays @joeybats19

Like Toronto's hockey team, the city's baseball team has quite a few talkative athletes on Twitter. Who better to highlight than the team's captain and Major League Baseball's home run king two years running.

Unlike other professional athletes, Bautista seems to have every conversation with teammates and Leafs' players via the social media network, much to the delight of his 140,000 followers.

Twitter sample:

@blawrie13 @jparencibia9 sure is nice to look at you guys in my rearview mirror in fantasy hockey #oopsy #mybad

Ummmm, when is Freese's statue being built??? #wow #unreal #bestgameofhislife

What a #beauty walk off tater by @blawrie13 that was #beastmode for sure #gotheeeem #ufffff #jayswin

Avon Cobourne, Hamilton Tiger-Cats @AvonCobourne

Looking for an athlete that has no filter? Well, look no further! The Hamilton Ticats running back stands out among the many CFL players who have a lot to say about everything under the sun.

From his infamous rants to chirping basically every CFLer in the league, Cobourne never ceases to amaze and is deserving of more than just 4,200 followers.

Twitter sample:

@Thadito hahaha you rite.. hahahah enjoy champ.. Next year its coming back to daddy

people love me hahahahah

2 weeks to prepare for us n we know everything they doing!!! HAHAHAHAH thanks Bombers

I think Mr. Cohon should look into Emobo Kalijo guarantee on his win this weekend vs the Ticats. There maybe some foul play attached to it??

Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns @SteveNash

One of the more popular Canadians on this list, the NBA star has recently surpassed the 700,000 followers milestone.

Perhaps the foremost reason for his popularity, other than the fact that he's one heck of a basketball player, is that he isn't afraid to speak his mind, especially when it comes to issues relating to the NBA.

Twitter sample:

At Puss n Boots with my girls. If the lock out ends can somebody text me or something?

Thanks for the overwhelming support today guys. You know we want to play & you understand the propaganda/misinformation from the owners.

The players are negotiating to take less money & let's be clear that's not going to lower ticket prices, it just lines the owners pockets

Evander Kane, Winnipeg Jets @EKane9JETS

When the Atlanta Thrashers relocated to Winnipeg, the Jets' youngster was one of the first to weigh in.

Not only is Kane always in tune with what's happening with players and teams around the NHL, but he also regularly shows his knowledge of other sports, music and movies.

Twitter sample:

How many of you fans loved my pass to Little tonight. Post to chest to stick #cantteachthat #hoNcanidate? Hahaha

Watching the Michael Jackson movie "This Is It" unreal so far. #moonwalk #bestever don't stop till you get enough #rushhour2 #jamescarter

13day road trip. Makes no sense when you have to bring your winter jacket and swim trunks in the same trip. #hotAndcold

Logan Couture, San Jose Sharks @LoganCouture

The Sharks' centre has a different perspective than most of us.

Like other athletes, he corresponds with his fans and tweets about his team, but more often than most, the Sharks' sophomore shows his youth. If you're looking for just one reason to follow Couture, do it to behold his man crush on Canadian music star Drake.

Twitter sample:

What do you think Sharks fans, how will @Drake look in this? 

Hey @RickyRo24 @jparencibia9 @blawrie13 have you guys not explained to @Lunchboxhero45 how to drop the puck during the ceremonial face off?

@Drake At the HP on Dec 18th. Doing everything in my power in the next month to meet him out here. Wish me luck.

Honourable mentions go to: speedskater Christine Nesbitt @CNezzy, Blue Jays' ace Ricky Romero @RickyRo24 and NHLers David Perron @DP_57, Colby Armstrong @armdog and Taylor Hall @hallsy04.