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Petro Canada F.A.C.E. Program Class of 2017

  • Alannah Yip

    Coach: Andrew Wilson
    Sport Climbing
    North Vancouver, BC

    Alannah Yip

    Alannah Yip

    "(My coach) is the type of coach that doesn’t directly push you, but rather inspires you to want to push yourself harder and further."

  • Andrew Genge

    Coach: Dave Balne
    Oshawa, ON

    Andrew Genge

    Andrew Genge

    "Dave always pushes me out of the comfort zone so I can get better at my sport."

  • Annie Leblanc

    Coach: José Sant
    Athletics: 800 M
    Repentigny, QC

    Annie Leblanc

    Annie Leblanc

    "My coach just built the runner I became. He knows me really, really well."

  • Ben Hagkull

    Coach: Simon Cass
    Wheelchair basketball
    Chilliwack, BC

    Ben Hagkull

    Ben Hagkull

    "He has always been a positive influence and he doesn't put you down or make you discouraged."

  • Blake Broszus

    Coach: Aleksei Murugin
    San Jose, CA, USA

    Blake Broszus

    Blake Broszus

    "We have a professional relationship and he's focused on improvement."

  • Brian Yang

    Coach: Efendi Wijaya
    Toronto, ON

    Brian Yang

    Brian Yang

    "My coach is special because he coaches from his heart."

  • Brooke Voigt

    Coach: Elliot Catton
    Snowboard: Slopestyle/Big Air
    Fort McMurray, AB

    Brooke Voigt

    Brooke Voigt

    "I would say we have a really good relationship (with my coach). I don't second guess myself when he's around."

  • Camille Saxton

    Coach: Adriana Bento
    Beach Volleyball
    Calgary, AB

    Camille Saxton

    Camille  Saxton

    "[My coach] is special because they taught us a lot of technical and individual skills that we needed to take us to the next level."

  • Carmen Whelan

    Coach: Iana Nadtotchii
    Gymnastics - Rhythmic
    Aurora, ON

    Carmen Whelan

    Carmen  Whelan

    "Our partnership may be best described as a respectful and a sometimes fun work in progress with the usual little bumps in the road."

  • Carson Paul

    Coach: Lisa Boog
    Victoria, BC

    Carson Paul

    Carson  Paul

    "She knows how to push me and guarantee I will still be the same dedicated person I was yesterday and she has made me that much better."

  • Casey Scheidegger

    Coach: Carolyn Darbyshire
    Diamond City, AB

    Casey Scheidegger

    Casey  Scheidegger

    "Great coaches help make great athletes. Carolyn brings a lot to our team and makes us better. "

  • Conrad Orzel

    Coach: Eva Najarro
    Figure Skating
    Toronto, ON

    Conrad Orzel

    Conrad  Orzel

    "She always puts my goals and my development, first ahead of everything. She has a very easy going personality."

  • Curtis Caron

    Coach: John MacPherson
    Para-Table Tennis
    Dartmouth, NS

    Curtis Caron

    Curtis Caron

    "I am constantly learning new things from my coach not just in table tennis but in life as well, he is my role model!"

  • Devaney Collier

    Coach: Jenny Trew
    Cycling - Track
    Edmonton, AB

    Devaney Collier

    Devaney  Collier

    "She really creates a environment in which I can be my own motivator; that I am able to improve because I want to."

  • Elizabeth Longley

    Coach: Florin Marinache
    Waterdown, ON

    Elizabeth Longley

    Elizabeth  Longley

    "He loves the game and is very dedicated to teaching people about the sport and coaching athletes of all ages."

  • Evan Marineau

    Coach: Jeremy Cooper
    Freestyle Skiing
    Calgary, AB

    Evan Marineau

    Evan  Marineau

    "He is very positive towards my success and is always there for me, during the good and the bad, through ups and downs."

  • Félix Dolci

    Coach: Adrian Balan
    Gymnastics - Artistic
    Laval, QC

    Félix Dolci

    Félix  Dolci

  • Fillah Karim

    Coach: Vasilij Zbogar
    West Vancouver, BC

    Fillah Karim

    Fillah  Karim

    "Vasco is a very passionate coach. He is super driven to make the athletes that he is coaching better."

  • Greg Stewart

    Coach: Kim Cousins
    Para athletics
    Victoria, BC

    Greg Stewart

    Greg  Stewart

    "My coach is intense and is always demanding more. Good is never good enough and she continues to push you day in and day out."

  • Hayden Edwards

    Coach: Joan McDonald
    Markham, ON

    Hayden Edwards

    Hayden  Edwards

    "Joan is able to push me to the next level because she is always watching. She catches my mistakes, and also sees what I am doing well."

  • Jade Dufour

    Coach: Victor Zilberman
    Wrestling - Freestyle
    Windsor, ON

    Jade Dufour

    Jade  Dufour

    "[My coach] has been and will continue to be the driving force behind my success as an athlete."

  • Jake Weidemann

    Coach: Crispin Parkinson
    Speed Skating
    Ottawa, ON

    Jake Weidemann

    Jake  Weidemann

    "[Our coach] stands up for us without question and wants nothing but for us to succeed."

  • Jeff McKeen

    Coach: Kyle Kennedy
    Ottawa, ON

    Jeff McKeen

    Jeff  McKeen

    "Almost like competitors, he’s there to correct me and guide me but he’ll from time to time jump in and do a couple sprints to push me."

  • Joel Ewert

    Coach: Adam Frost
    Wheelchair rugby
    Prince George, BC

    Joel Ewert

    Joel  Ewert

    "Adam is a great coach and very easy to get along with. He gives you freedom and trust, but expects a lot from you."

  • Joey Desjardins

    Coach: Guillaume Plourde
    Para cycling (disciplines: road and track)
    La Pocatière, QC

    Joey Desjardins

    Joey  Desjardins

    "Not only is he trying to make me a better athlete but he is always trying to educate himself to become a better coach."

  • Jon Dunkerley

    Coach: James Cook
    Para triathlon
    Victoria, BC

    Jon Dunkerley

    Jon  Dunkerley

    "[My coach] knows how much work it actually takes to excel in the sport and does not sugarcoat this important fact."

  • Keenan Simpson

    Coach: Anthony Colin
    Canoe/Kayak - Slalom
    Ottawa, ON

    Keenan Simpson

    Keenan  Simpson

    "In 2 short years he has changed me as a paddler both mentally and technically. "

  • Leo Grandbois

    Coach: Sandrine Charron
    Munich, Germany

    Leo Grandbois

    Leo  Grandbois

    "I like working with her because she is very positive and always happy to be there."

  • Lexson Mathieu

    Coach: François Duguay
    Montreal, QC

    Lexson Mathieu

    Lexson  Mathieu

    "Keeps me calm in the corner and he s always ready to travel with me for getting experience."

  • Mackenzie Padington

    Coach: Brad Dingey
    Campbell River, BC

    Mackenzie Padington

    Mackenzie Padington

    "My coach took the time to get to know me and find ways to both correct my stroke and make me faster."

  • Marco Schumann

    Coach: Alan McIlveen
    Short Track Speed Skating
    Saskatoon, SK

    Marco Schumann

    Marco  Schumann

    "He is very motivating and constantly reminds me that I have what it takes to get to the top. He believes in me."

  • Mathea Dempfle-Olin

    Coach: Christian Moutinho
    Tofino, BC

    Mathea Dempfle-Olin

    Mathea Dempfle-Olin

    "He is willing to put everything into coaching me but I have to want it and give it my all."

  • Mathieu St-Pierre

    Coach: Hélène Gervais
    Para canoe
    Shawinigan, QC

    Mathieu St-Pierre

    Mathieu  St-Pierre

  • Maura McLean

    Coach: Jennifer Koptie (Shaver)
    Synchronized Swimming
    Toronto, ON

    Maura McLean

    Maura  McLean

    "Without my relationship with Jenn as my coach and mentor I don't think I would be where I am today in my sport or in my life."

  • Maxym-Olivier Rivest

    Coach: Denis Beaudoin
    Gatineau, QC

    Maxym-Olivier Rivest

    Maxym-Olivier  Rivest

    "In times of struggle, I can go see him and talk about my problems. He always finds a way of bringing me back on the right track."

  • Maya Antoine

    Coach: Emma Humphries
    Football (Soccer)
    Toronto, ON

    Maya Antoine

    Maya  Antoine

    "[My coach] understands that everybody has the opportunity to reach their full potential and finds out ways to help get them there."

  • Maya Ladhani

    Coach: Emma Humphries
    Football (Soccer)
    Guelph, ON

    Maya Ladhani

    Maya  Ladhani

    "Very passionate, supportive person. Always looking to optimize players potential. "

  • Mégane Bélanger

    Coach: Brendan Arnold
    Cycling - BMX
    Saint-Eustache, QC

    Mégane Bélanger

    Mégane  Bélanger

  • Melissa Bratic

    Coach: Hasan Bratic
    Mississauga, ON

    Melissa Bratic

    Melissa  Bratic

    "The relationship with my coach is interesting because aside from being my trainer he is also my dad."

  • Mikayla Martin

    Coach: Sead Causevic
    Ski Cross
    Garibaldi Highlands, BC

    Mikayla Martin

    Mikayla  Martin

    "He is calm, collected and easy to communicate with."

  • Natalie Eilers

    Coach: Gregor Linsig
    Ski Jumping
    Calgary, AB

    Natalie Eilers

    Natalie  Eilers

    "He's a very caring guy. I feel he genuinely wants me and all my teammates to improve."

  • Natalie Wilkie

    Coach: Abbi May
    Para Nordic skiing
    Salmon Arm, BC

    Natalie Wilkie

    Natalie  Wilkie

    "Abbi tries hard to make our training fun and interesting, and gives us lots of opportunities for personal and team growth."

  • Philippe Vachon

    Coach: Charles Labrie
    Para swimming
    Blainville, QC

    Philippe Vachon

    Philippe  Vachon

  • PJ Mancao

    Coach: Robin MacDowell
    Regina, SK

    PJ Mancao

    PJ Mancao

    "He is not just preparing me to play for Canada, he is helping me prepare to be one of the best in the world."

  • Sarah Gillies

    Coach: Mark Newton
    Para alpine skiing
    Mono, ON

    Sarah Gillies

    Sarah  Gillies

    "He has shown real interest in my training and racing, we have discussed my goals for the future and he wants to help me reach my potential"

  • Shady El Nahas

    Coach: Ken Fukushima
    Toronto, ON

    Shady El Nahas

    Shady El Nahas

    My coach is the most "supportive coach I’ve ever met”

  • Shelby Newkirk

    Coach: Eric Kramer
    Para swimming
    Saskatoon, SK

    Shelby Newkirk

    Shelby  Newkirk

    "I know Eric believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself."

  • Sierra Smith

    Coach: Peter Rybarik
    Alpine Skiing
    Montreal, QC

    Sierra Smith

    Sierra  Smith

    "Peter wants the best for me, he pushes me because he knows what I am capable of, he has expectations and expects them to be achieved."

  • Terence Yeung

    Coach: Pradeeban Peter-Paul
    Table Tennis
    North York, ON

    Terence Yeung

    Terence  Yeung

    "My relationship with my coach is friendly, co-operative, and full of respect."

  • Thomson Harris

    Coach: Geoff Matthews
    Field Hockey
    Vancouver, BC

    Thomson Harris

    Thomson  Harris

    "I have a really good relationship with Geoff he is someone I can always go to for advice, inside or outside of field hockey."

  • Trinity Ellis

    Coach: Matt McMurray
    Pemberton, BC

    Trinity Ellis

    Trinity Ellis

    "This relationship has been pivotal to my career, and I have learned a lot and gained tons of experience from my coach."

  • Ty Godfrey

    Coach: Alain Parent
    Cross-Country Skiing
    Canmore, AB

    Ty Godfrey

    Ty Godfrey

    "Without him, I would not be where I am today because he has given me a lot of the pieces of the puzzle I have used to create my success."

  • Véronique Déry

    Coach: Muncef Ouardi
    Speed Skating
    Lévis, QC

    Véronique Déry

    Véronique  Déry

    "I completely trust Muncef, I know he always has my back and is ready to fight for me and the things I deserve."

  • Zachary Lavin

    Coach: Steve Arsenault
    Para ice hockey
    Essex, ON

    Zachary Lavin

    Zachary  Lavin

    "My coach is a devoted hard working man. He has created the provincial sledge hockey program in Alberta and is undefeated in its two years."

  • Zane Clarke

    Coach: Jon Pike
    Canoe/Kayak - Sprint
    Selkirk, MB

    Zane Clarke

    Zane  Clarke

    "I enjoy working with Jon because he is level headed and is always calm when I'm racing."

Petro-Canada's Fuelling Athlete and Coaching Excellence (FACE ) Program
Building Tomorrow's Team Canada

Petro-Canada's FACE Program supports up-and-coming athletes when they need it most: when they are striving to represent Canada at the Olympic or Paralympic Games, but don't yet qualify for government funding.

Every year, Petro-Canada selects fifty-five promising athletes from across Canada. These athletes and their coaches are awarded a $10,000 FACE grant to help them along their journey, with $5,000 going directly to the athlete and $5,000 to their coach. FACE grants are often used for training, equipment, coach education, and travel expenses for competitions.

Since 1988, Petro-Canada has supported over 2900 Canadian athletes and their coaches by providing more than $10,000,000 in financial support.

  • More than 2900 athlete and coach grant recipients to date
  • Over 10 Million in funding to date
  • 55 Athletes & Coaches. Each pair receives 10,000 every year