A "professional" streaker interrupted Anna Kournikova's doubles match Monday, although the Russian sensation claimed not to have noticed.

Kournikova and partner Natasha Zvereva were on changeover during their 6-2, 6-1 defeat of Americans Amy Frazier and Katie Schlukebir when the man stepped on to court 14.

He then dropped his pants and ran and danced around the court while fans cheered. He was eventually led off the court by officials.

A slogan written on his chest played on the advertising slogan used by Kournikova to advertise sports bras: "Only the balls should bounce."

No charges were filed against the man, who identified himself to a reporter as a "professional streaker" who had exposed himself 156 times in public.

Both Kournikova and Zvereva insisted they didn't see the man.

"I wasn't paying attention to that," insisted Kournikova. "I was just trying to think about the match."

The last streaker at Wimbledon is believed to have been a woman, dressed only in an apron, who ran past Malivai Washington and Richard Krajicek in the 1996 men's single final.