If Spain wins the World Cup, its players will get the highest government bonus of any team. ((Jasper Juinen/Getty Images) )

Spain will reportedly receive the most money out of all 32 World Cup teams if it wins the tournament, and several Spanish political parties are unhappy at the figure with the country facing an economic crisis.

The Spanish media said each player could earn 600,000 euros ($755,545 Cdn.) for winning the title, and collect 120,000 euros ($151,125 Cdn.) just for reaching the July 11 final.

Political party Izquierda Unida asked how such an amount could be paid "in the context of a general crisis where pensions are being frozen and salaries are dropping."

Goalkeeper Iker Casillas says the players have family and friends "suffering from the crisis" but that "you shouldn't mix one thing with the other."

Spain opens Group H against Switzerland on June 16.