The English Premier League said today it will impose a life ban on soccer fans found guilty of hooligan-related offences.

The controlling body of the 20 top English football clubs acted in the wake of the recent violent scenes at the Euro 2000 soccer tournament.

"We have taken a fair number of steps in the past to stamp out this hooligan menace but the recent events at Euro 2000 have brought disgrace upon English football," Premier League spokesman Mike Lee said.

After more than 800 English fans were arrested in Brussels and Charleroi, Belgium for violence over the weekend, UEFA, European football's controlling body, threatened England with expulsion from the tournament if there is any more trouble.

"We'll work closely with the clubs and the police to put in place the means to enforce life bans on those convicted of hooligan-related offences via withdrawal of season tickets and a stop on admission to grounds," Lee said.

Premier League club Chelsea has already announced that any of its fans found to have been causing trouble at Euro 2000 will be banned from home and away games for life.

The club said any members or season-ticket holders found to be involved will have their membership or season passes suspended without refund.