Pre-game: Group C finale

It's all on the line for England as it plays Slovenia Wednesday (CBC,, 9:30 a.m. ET), while the Americans face Algeria in the final set of Group C matches.

Day 13, Match 1 and 2 

Broadcast details 

  • Slovenia-England, live on CBC and at 9:30 a.m. ET
  • United States-Algeria, live on digital channel CBC Bold and at 9:30 a.m. ET
  • United States-Algeria will be replayed at Noon ET on CBC

Consult CBC's full broadcast schedule by CLICKING HERE

 Current Group C standings

  1. Slovenia: 4 points, 3 goals, +1 goal difference
  2. United States: 2 points, 3 goals, 0 goal difference
  3. England: 2 points,1 goal, 0 goal difference
  4. Algeria: 1 point, 0 goals, -1 goal difference

FIFA uses the following series of tiebreakers when teams finish tied with the same number of points at the end of the group stage: 

  • Goal difference.
  • Total goals scored.
  • Head-to-head results (if more than two teams are tied, then results between those teams are calculated using the first two criteria).
  • Drawing of lots.

Remember, the top two teams in the group move on to the round of 16. 

Slovenia advances:

  • With a win or tie, OR
  • If it loses and if U.S. and Algeria tie, OR 
  • If it loses and if Algeria wins, so long as Algeria doesn't own the tiebreaker over Slovenia.

The U.S. advances:

  • With a win, OR
  • With a tie and if Slovenia-England tie, so long as England does not outscore the U.S. by two goals, OR
  • With a tie and if England loses.

England advances:

  • With a win, OR 
  • With a tie and if U.S. and Algeria tie and England outscores the U.S. by three goals.

Algeria advances:

  • With a win and if Slovenia wins or ties, OR
  • With a win and if Slovenia loses and if Algeria forces a tiebreaker with Slovenia.

Note: If the U.S. ties Algeria and England ties Slovenia, and if England scores exactly two more goals than the U.S., then the U.S. and England would be tied for second place with all of the tiebreakers exhausted. That tie would be broken by drawing lots.

Slovenia vs. England 

Player to watch for SloveniaSamir Handanovic: He's one of the most unheralded goalkeepers in world soccer today. A strong showing, not to mention a shutout against England, could change that. 

Player to watch for EnglandWayne Rooney: The English forward hasn’t scored in his last six World Cup games, including his two appearances at this tournament. It’s time for the Manchester United star to step up in a big way for his country.

The Slovenian perspective: "We all know that England is a really good team with big players in their squad, but we are not thinking too much about England — we will concentrate on ourselves and the way we want to play."  — captain Robert Koren 

The English perspective: "I work hard and I prepare everything. That is important. Every morning I look in the mirror and ask whether I have worked and whether I have studied everything. Yes I have. For this reason I will accept the criticism and everything. I don't know what the result will be but I do know the result is the most important thing." — coach Fabio Capello 

World Cup head-to-head: Slovenia and England have never met at the World Cup. 

United States vs. Algeria 

Player to watch for United StatesLandon Donovan: The L.A. Galaxy star has been a true leader for his team, scoring important goals and providing veteran leadership and inspiration on the field at all times. 

Player to watch for AlgeriaAbdelkader Ghezzal: Algeria is still searching for its first goal of the tournament. Striker Abdelkader Ghezzal, who was suspended for Algeria's previous game, is the most likely candidate to provide goals for his country.

The American perspective: "Algeria are a team that has a way of getting a lot of numbers behind the ball, but they are still talented going forward with some of the skill and physical abilities of key individuals."  — coach Bob Bradley 

The Algerian perspective: "We have a chance of qualifying if we win against the Americans. I promise everyone who supports Algeria that we'll play well, and after that we'll see how far we can go in the competition." — midfielder Hassan Yebda

World Cup head-to-head: This match will mark the first World Cup encounter between the two countries.