What will Argentina's Gonzalo Higuain do for an encore after a hat-trick against South Korea? ((Clive Mason/Getty Images) )

Day 12, Match 3 and 4

Greece vs. Argentina, June 22 in Polokwane.

Nigeria vs. South Korea, June 22, in Durban.

Broadcast details 

  • Greece-Argentina, live on CBC and CBCSports.ca at 2 p.m. ET.
  • Nigeria-South Korea, live on digital channel CBC Bold and CBCSports.ca at 2 p.m. ET.

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Current Group B standings

  1. Argentina: 6 points, 5 goals, +4 goal difference
  2. South Korea: 3 points, 3 goals, -1 goal difference
  3. Greece: 3 points, 2 goals, -1 goal difference
  4. Nigeria: 0 points,1 goal, -2 goal difference

FIFA uses the following series of tiebreakers when teams finish tied with the same number of points at the end of the group stage:

  • Goal difference.
  • Total goals scored.
  • Head-to-head results (if more than two teams are tied, then results between those teams are calculated using the first two criteria).
  • Drawing of lots.

Remember, the top two teams in the group move on to the round of 16.

Rogers pre-game show

Watch the Rogers pre-game show 30 minutes before kickoff as our panel of soccer experts provides up-to-the-minute news from South Africa on this match.

Argentina advances:

  • with a win or a tie, OR
  • if South Korea ties or loses, OR
  • it loses and both South Korea and Greece do not force a tiebreaker with Argentina.

South Korea advances:

  • with a win and if Greece does not a) either win by a greater margin than South Korea, or b) win by the same margin and score two more goals than South Korea, OR
  • with a tie and if Greece ties or loses.

Greece advances:

  • with a win and if South Korea ties or loses, OR
  • with a win by a greater margin than South Korea, OR
  • with a win by the same margin as South Korea and scores two more goals than South Korea, OR
  • with a tie and if South Korea loses, OR
  • with a win by three goals.

Nigeria advances

  • with a win and if Argentina wins.

Greece vs. Argentina

Player to watch for Greece – Theofanis Gekas: He has a knack for scoring important goals for his country, and boy does Greece ever need them now.

Player to watch for Argentina – Gonzalo Higuain: After scoring the first hat trick of the tournament, it’ll be interesting to see what the Argentine ace does for an encore.

The Greek perspective: "Argentina are a very strong team. Of course all teams make mistakes but we'll have to be very good in defence for the full 90 minutes, and hopefully we'll be able to surprise them with a goal."  — midfielder Sakis Prittas

The Argentine perspective: "Greece will go onto the pitch giving everything to win because otherwise they are out, but we will continue to play as we did against Nigeria and Korea." — forward Sergio Aguero

World Cup head-to-head: Argentina hammered Greece 4-0 in the group stage of the 1994 tournament in the United States, the only other time these teams have met at the World Cup.

Nigeria vs. South Korea

Player to watch for Nigeria – Obafemi Martins: Possessing explosive acceleration and breakaway speed, the Nigerian forward is one of his team’s few game-breakers.

Player to watch for South Korea – Park Ji-sung: The Manchester United star is a player of sublime class, a talented playmaker who brilliantly orchestrates the South Korean attack.

The Nigerian perspective: "I want to play and I know I can help the team, but it is up to the coach to decide who gets to play. I am the captain, I can't be unhappy. If I am, then I will be destroying the team."  — forward Nwankwo Kanu

The South Korean perspective: "The players are going through much preparation and we expect good results from the match. The best result we can gain is a victory. Such a result can only be achieved with the attitude and longing for a victory." — goalkeeper Lee Woon-jae

World Cup head-to-head: This match will mark the first World Cup encounter between the two countries.