Paraguay striker Cabanas conscious

Doctors say Paraguay striker Salvador Cabanas is conscious and could give testimony to police about being shot in the head in a Mexico City bar.

Could talk with police about being shot in Mexico bar

Salvador Cabanas, right, was Paraguay's top scorer in the World Cup qualifiers with six goals, and scored crucial goals in big wins over Brazil and Chile. He's making progress after being shot in the head. ((PABLO BURGOS/AFP/Getty Images))

Paraguay striker Salvador Cabanas is conscious and could give testimony to police about being shot in the head while in the toilet of a Mexico City bar.

Cabanas was building Monday on a remarkable recovery he staged over the weekend, speaking to family members and taking food by mouth after doctors lowered his sedation level.

A star of the Paraguay national team and Mexican side America, Cabanas watched his club play a match on television on Sunday, a 1-0 victory over Ciudad Juarez.

Shortly after the shooting a week ago, surgeons attempted to remove the small-calibre bullet lodged in Cabanas's skull but decided surgery was too risky.

"He could give testimony if investigators come to speak with him, but he is not going to recall what happened," Dr. Ernesto Martinez told reporters at Angeles del Pedregal Hospital. "We're not going to interfere with the police."

Martinez said Cabanas recognizes his wife, his children and his parents, but he said the player is confused about why he is in hospital.

"He's conscious and he's recognizes family members, but he doesn't know what day it is, nor where he is," Martinez said. "He knows it's a hospital, but not which one or why … Nor has he asked."

The main suspect in the case, Jose Jorge Balderas Garza, remains at large.

Balderas Garza was captured on surveillance cameras at the bar in question — Bar Bar — and was seen leaving a toilet where Cabanas was shot in the head at point-blank range.

Widespread reports have suggested the shooting just before dawn followed an argument in which Balderas Garza told Cabanas he had not been scoring enough goals for America.

Balderas Garza has been described as a wealthy businessman from northern Mexico, who is said to own 10 luxury cars and four homes.

There were two false reports last week of Balderas Garza's arrest — in the Caribbean resort of Cancun and in the northwestern state of Sonora.

Cabanas has played in Mexico since 2003. He was expected to lead Paraguay at the World Cup in South Africa, which opens on June 11.